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Les noces vénitiennes

(a.k.a. Venetian Honeymoon,
a.k.a. La prima notte, 1959)

Thanks so much, Mikayel, for contacting Constantino.
And thanks so much, Constantino, for recording this movie for me!!!!!

Back in Venice for two months, Brass worked as assistant to Brazilian-born British documentarian Alberto Cavalcanti, who somehow ended up directing this French comedy, which was briefly released in the US (Venetian Honeymoon) and in Italy (La prima notte), but then seems to have vanished for the next half-century. The rights, or perhaps only the French rights, are currently owned or licensed by Gaumont.

The photonovel, a special issue of the Paris-based Mon film special, no 667 (September 1959).
ANICA — Associazione Nazionale Industrie Cinematografiche Audiovisive e Multimediali

La prima notte

Directed by Alberto Cavalcanti
Written by Jean Ferry, Abel Claude-André Puget, and Luciano Vincenzoni
Based on a novel by Abel Hermant
Produced by Giovanni Addessi and Robert Gascuel
Assistant producer Saverio Scipioni
Music Jean Françaix
Musical excerpts from Carlo Rustichelli
Director of photography Gianni Di Venanzo
Editors Elsa Arata, Maurizio Lucidi, Yvonne Martin
Production design René Moulaert
Set decoration Arrigo Breschi
Costumes Grazia Lusignoli, Elisabeth Simon
Make-up Romolo de Martino
Hair style Marcella Cecchini
Production managers Giuseppe Fatigati, Ugo Tucci
Assistant directors Tinto Brass, Leopoldo Savona,
Roland Straglia
Sound Bernardino Fronzetti
Production secretary Marguerite Chevalier
Camera operator Erico Menczer
Isabelle de Santos Martine Carol
Alfredo Vittorio De Sica
Gérard Chevalier Philipe Nicaud
Angelica Claudia Cardinale
Antoinette Sophronides Marthe Mercadier
Bob Lebel Jacques Sernas
Singer Umberto Da Preda
Lisa Bradwell Martita Hunt
Le Marquis André Versini
Yolanda Ave Ninchi
??? Giacomo Furia
??? Donziegler
??? Brigitte Juslin
??? Ivan Dominique
??? Tonino Lenza

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