Дональд Джон Трамп

You know how funny it is to see a common word transliterated into a foreign tongue, yes? For instance, until quite recently, Malcolm in Russian became Мэлколм, with the a becoming an e and with both l’s pronounced. It also often, more accurately, became Мэлком, with the second l omitted. You see, Russians generally cannot hear the difference between a short English a and a short English e. To the average Russian, “man” and “men” sound exactly the same. Ditto with “pan” and “pen.” That is because the two sounds in Russian are interchangeable. So my Russian video editions of Caligula proudly announce the name of the star as Мэлком МакДауэлл. When I hear Мэлком, I think “Milk ’em? Milk what?”

Similarly, we have the word “Trump.” That particular English u sounds like uh, and appears in such words as bus or cup; it is the same as the Sanskrit अ. Many languages have no equivalent. To the best of my knowledge, you will never hear that sound in Greek, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Navajo, or Latin, and so I assume it is a rare sound. How to render it into Russian? The most sensible way, of course, would be “Трумп,” pronounced Troomp, with the vowel sounding like the oo in “noodle.” Russian printers, though, don’t think this through, and so they give their readers Трамп, pronounced Trahmp, but which, transliterated back into English, becomes Tramp. That, it seems to me, is appropriate.

I’m beginning to get curious about this guy named Трамп. He was on cordial terms with Franco Rossellini, but that was the inevitable result of Studio 54 and Doris Duke and so forth. We shouldn’t mistake that passing social obligation as friendship in any way. Трамп also bought out Bob Guccione’s unfinished Atlantic City casino. Interesting, yes, and that much caught my interest years ago. Трамп’s ideas, of course, hold no interest for me. It is hard not to wonder, though, where his ideas came from. Some surely came from his dad, Fred Trump, a racist who seemed to be in the KKK. (See “Warren Criticizes ‘Class’ Parades,” The New York Times vol. 76 no. 25,330, Wednesday, 1 June 1927, p. 16. It’s not proof. It’s not even good evidence, not by a long shot. It does make you wonder, though.) As for Donald himself, he was a hedonic partier, child trafficker, sex trafficker, self-admitted sex predator, self-admitted pedophile, and cocaine-snorter. He eloquently described his life in the 1970’s and 1980’s: “You had drugs, women and booze all over the fuckin’ place. If I hadn’t got married, who knows what would have happened?... I don’t think anybody had more sex than I did. Sex was all over the fucking place.” As for his nights at Studio 54: “I would watch supermodels getting screwed, well-known supermodels getting screwed, on a bench in the middle of the room. There were seven of them and each one was getting screwed by a different guy.” He was involved with endless business relations with the most unsavory types, he was an irresponsible and incompetent businessman who continually went bankrupt and who continually hired low-wage immigrants who were in the US illegally — and he was a con artist, to boot. His cons couldn’t possibly have been his own ideas. He never had enough of a brain to invent a con.

If he were just another nightlife scumbag, or just another crooked businessman, he would not register on my radar, except in the Rossellini and Guccione contexts. Other than that, he would interest me not in the least. His political skills are best exemplified in a video that a friend in Italy pointed out to me: “The Battle of the Billionaires Takes Place at WrestleMania.”

As Трамп frequently claimed, his aim was to bring people together, apparently by inciting racist mob violence wherever he went. This rancid behavior tends to upset many people, especially some of those on the left. As for Трамп’s supporters, though, many see nothing wrong with this, and many are entirely mystified by anti-Trump sentiment. ‘Where does this come from?’ they wonder. Searching for answers to this puzzle, some tune into screaming right-wing chat shows and conclude that the protesters were all stirred up by that sinister “globalist” George Soros who is so masterful at manipulating his minions. They are convinced that the protestors are Soros’s paid servants. Others simply wonder aloud, “Where do these liberal protestors get all their hatred? How can liberals all be filled with so much hate? Hate, hate, hate — all the liberals do is hate. How can anyone live like that? How can anyone be filled with so much hate?” What many “liberals” instinctively understood was that Трамп was a con artist and a moral imbecile, a racist, a misogynist, and a fascist at heart, as well as a pathological liar with an explosive temper and zero knowledge of domestic or foreign affairs. A malicious child who deliberately breaks all his toys should never be allowed anywhere near the nuclear codes and should never have authority over any military.

Now this violent, unstable, raging, and hopelessly unintelligent lunatic is the president of the United States of America, despite having lost the vote. That was so odd, but so predictable. My prediction about the 2016 election was that Sanders would win the primary, which would result in Clinton being the nominee, and that Clinton would win the vote, which would result in Trump being named president. Nobody believed me. Well...? With the Voting Rights Act disemboweled, and with gerrymandering and voter suppression operating at full throttle, there was really no other possible outcome. So few people realized that. I have not the tiniest bit of love for any of those three candidates, but we ended up with by far the worst. (Gloria La Riva was the best candidate, but she didn’t stand a chance because she had no corporate sponsorship, and also because she’s American Indian and hence unrelated to high government and business officials. Further, and probably most importantly, she’s not an egomaniac.)

As for Трамп being a moron, all we need note is his public support of Alex Jones. Imagine that: a president of the United States of America who believes the reporting on InfoWars. To call this stupidity is to be too kind. This is far worse than stupidity. If Трамп is so vacuous, so vapid, so brain-damaged as to believe Alex Jones, then there is no craziness to which he would be immune. Why do all these so-called Republicans support him? All the reasons can be boiled down to one: They are all compromised, and if they fail to support Трамп, the skeletons in their own closets will be paraded down Main Street for all to see.

As for Трамп being a moral imbecile, and as for those who would deny such, we have the lovely video of the executive helping hurricane-ravaged Puerto Ricans by tossing out a handful of rolls of paper towels, as well as his insistence upon blaming the natural disaster on the Puerto Ricans themselves, and promising to cease federal aid. We also have John Kelly, while defending Трамп, confessing that the president had asked him how to make condolence calls, apparently because Трамп didn’t have a clue. So Трамп made a condolence call to the widow of a fallen soldier, telling her brusquely that, “He knew what he was signing up for.” Richard Painter, the ethics chief under G.W. Bush, explained that Трамп “has no understanding of human emotions.” We had that much figured out already. We had that much figured out decades ago.

How did Трамп happen, and why? At the basest level, we can see that lots of voters were still outraged that a black guy had been in the White House for eight years. Two of the most popular potential replacements were a woman and a Jew. That was unacceptable. It was time to get back to normality and elect the white German male of pure “Aryan” stock. There was a collective sigh of relief, articulated best by Pamela Taylor, who posted:

(See also Chandrika Narayan, “Official Who Called Michelle Obama ‘Ape in Heels’ Gets Job Back,”
CNN, Wednesday, 14 December 2016.)

There were surely reasons other than anti-Black, anti-woman, anti-Semitic outrage, and I’m certain that this question has been examined at length. One reason, surely, was the certainty felt by the Religious Right that, whatever else its faults, at least a Trump administration would outlaw abortion. That’s the logic, if I may be permitted to paraphrase: “We don’t care if he’s a crook; we don’t care if he’s a child molester; we don’t care if he’s a fascist; we don’t care if he’s declared us the enemy; we don’t care if he’ll bankrupt us; all we care about is that he’ll put a stop to all the baby-killers!” Even taking that into account, there’s yet another way to look at our current situation: We can examine the advantages to the Paul Ryans and Charles Kochs and Paul Singers and Robert Mercers and Rebekah Mercers of the world. Here’s one of the countless ways that Трамп’s new tax plan helps them: Matt Tinoco, “Surprise! The Federal Government Spends More on Housing Assistance for the Rich than Housing Assistance for the Poor,” Mother Jones, 11 October 2017. Here are some ways that Трамп’s new tax plan would benefit Трамп: John Cassidy, “How Trump’s Tax Plan Would Benefit Trump,” The New Yorker, September 28, 2017. We can also examine the advantages to the coal industry, the oil industry, and the pharmaceutical industry. They’re all having a grand old time at the expense of all the rest of us. What little sovereignty the American Indian nations had is now effectively gone for good. Pretty soon there will be no unions, no labor movement, no job or safety protections, probably no Social Security, no Medicare, no Medicaid, and probably no retirement. These last are being derided as “entitlement programs.” Entitlement? We make a hefty investment, and yet claiming the returns is entitlement??????????? If I buy something, it’s mine. Under the new tax law, if I buy something, it’s Paul Ryan’s. This is a positive boon to the handful of those at the top. After all, we do need to have some compassion for those at the top. I mean, they have to put food on the dining-room table too. Those of us who don’t even have dining rooms can surely relate. One reason we should have compassion for those at the top of the pyramid is stated eloquently in this genteel ode to their virtue: Larry Elliott, “World’s Eight Richest People Have Same Wealth as Poorest 50%,” The Guardian, 15 January 2017. Along this theme is another popular folk ballad, with music and lyrics by Ed Pilkington: “Why the UN Is Investigating Extreme Poverty... in America, the World’s Richest Nation,” The Guardian, 1 December 2017. I’ll never forget the day, probably in 2001 or 2002, when I saw Svetozar Stojanović sitting at a computer, surfing the Internet, intently reading an article about how Bill Gates had more wealth than almost the entirety of Africa. Still a bit stunned, he quietly looked up at me to remark, “This has never happened before. This has never happened in all history. In our world now, it has become the duty of the poor to pay the rich, and it has become the duty of the weak to protect the strong.” Truer words were never spoken. I mentioned that once to some folks at work. One gal paused a beat and then cheerily blurted out: “Well, we all doin’ our duty!”

Now we have a new tax law that, after an eight-year initiation period, will cause our taxes to skyrocket, and that drastically reduces taxes on the rich, and that bores a further $1,500,000,000,000 hole in our debt. What was the point of robbring the poor in order to transfer trillions to the rich? Was this simply greed? It was greed, certainly, but not so simply. Our owners understood something better than we did. They understood how vulnerable this country was, despite having the world’s largest economy and by far the world’s largest military. Instead of strategizing to strengthen the US, they decided to plunder the treasury and then get away while the going was still good. By robbing all the rest of us of our money, our insurance, our retirement, our health, our safety, they have successfully neutralized us. Now Team Trump has the US allying with longtime enemies and alienating longtime allies. Brilliant. The US’s days as a superpower had been numbered, yes, but this current administration is ensuring that the numbered days will be as few as possible. This is a coup d’état. I never imagined that I would live through a coup d’état, and even if I had imagined it, I would never have imagined that it would be conducted in this manner. Instead of air raids, machine guns, bombs, and nerve gas, what we got was voter suppression resulting in the largest transfer of wealth in all world history. The revolution was almost peaceful, and I’m quite sure that more than half of the people in the US haven’t even noticed.

Another boon for our owners is the jettisoning of food and water safety — it is now permissible to poison drinking water and food; indeed, it is encouraged. The health regulations are gone. The Supreme Court is now just a rubber stamp for big industry, and this will never change. Трамп uniquely encouraged racist violence at his rallies, doing all in his power to set people against one another. Divide et impera. That’s an old technique, but I was a bit surprised to see it played out so openly. Трамп’s big cheerleaders were the American Nazi Party, the KKK, Alex Jones, and The National Enquirer, which won the day. Weren’t those all supposedly the lunatic fringe — the lunatic fringe that would never have mass sway? We’re in trouble. A guy I have worked with, not someone I would call dumb by any means, is totally pro-Trump, he explains, because Trump was the only candidate who addressed his principal concern: “He’s going to put a stop to the Muslims who are raping all our women!!!” he shouted. What? Where on earth did that idea come from? Did it perchance come from Alex Jones? As soon as we got off the phone, I checked out Jones’s website. Yup. That’s where it came from. Трамп may well someday take credit for solving this nonexistent problem. It’s so easy to put a stop to a crime that never happens. What does all this tell us about the current state of the society of the United States? There are supposed to be a few safety mechanisms in place to prevent such a turn of events. Well, there aren’t.

As for this bizarre fear of Muslims, how many people in this country can define the word “Muslim”? How many people in this country can define the word “Islam”? As for the violence the Muslims spread, who’s familiar with this chart? Not that this means diddly-squat, but no Muslim has ever given me the tiniest bit of grief. I cannot say as much about white Christians. I wish I could, but I can’t.

Among the minority of us who pay any serious attention to politics, there are two standard responses to current events: (1) Justin Jouvenal, “A Teen Is Charged with Killing His Girlfriend’s Parents. They Had Worried He Was a Neo-Nazi,” The Washington Post, Saturday, 23 December 2017; and (2) David A. Lehrer, “Despite a Year of Anxiety, a Note of Hope,” Jewish Journal, Wednesday, 20 December 2017. Let us all strive to ensure that (2) prevails.

In response to having run a lousy campaign, to having sabotaged their own party in order to help a favored candidate, to being about as corrupt and about as pro-corporate as their Republican rivals, to having allowed gerrymandering and to having themselves engaged in voter suppression (which was painfully obvious even before the partial exposé, and which, by the way, I experienced personally), the Democrats needed to find a scapegoat: Russia. At first I entirely disbelieved the reports about Russian interference. What would be the point, since the election was already fixed by locals? Then I changed my mind in light of the ongoing investigations. Then I changed it back, and then back again. What now clinches it for me is this article: Kerry Howley, “‘The World’s Biggest Terrorist Has a Pikachu Bedspread’: Not Every Leaker Is an Ideological Combatant Like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. Reality Winner May Be the Unlikeliest of All,” New York, 22 December 2017. The last of my doubts is gone. Yes, the Putin régime absolutely hacked our 2016 election. Under Clinton or Sanders, the tensions between the West and Russia would have grown ominously. See, for instance, Andrew E. Kramer, “Russia Calls New U.S. Missile Defense System a ‘Direct Threat’,” The New York Times, 12 May 2016. Russia found the prospect of a Clinton or Sanders presidency intolerable, and thus had every incentive to do what it could to bend the US election to its favor. Even had Russia not hacked our election, I am inclined to stick with my original conclusion that, in November 2016, only two votes mattered: Paul Singer’s and Semion Mogilevich’s.

In truth, though, Russian infiltration into US politics is nothing new, and it hardly began with Трамп:

John Solomon and Alison Spann, “FBI Uncovered Russian Bribery Plot before Obama Administration Approved Controversial Nuclear Deal with Moscow,” The Hill, 17 October 2017. In retrospect, this is not a surprise at all — but only in retrospect.

The story gets funnier: “Meanwhile, a Russian Spy Who Worked with Putin Is Now in Charge of US Embassy Security!Daily Kos, 11 November 2017. Not funny enough for you? Here’s the punch line: Julia Ioffe, “The Secret Correspondence Between Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks,The Atlantic, 13 November 2017. Not convinced? Here’s the topper: Bill Buzenberg, “WikiLeaks Set Off an Attack on Our Trump-Russia Project — Right after Messaging Donald Trump Jr. about It,” Mother Jones, 15 November 2017. Difficile est saturam non scribere.

Is there more? Of course there’s more. Here is the briefest chronology of what happened: Mark Sumner, “What Russia Did for Trump — A Stream of Stolen Documents Defined the Campaign,” Daily Kos, Friday, 8 December 2017. Now that’s hilarious — unless you have a sense of humor. So there is no question whatever that the election was stolen, and that the theft was performed in part by use of pilfered opposition strategy. Brilliant. Please scroll down to the comments until you find the lengthy one by wildblue, time stamped “Dec 08 • 04:46:52 PM,” which opens with the words, “Nice job Mark! There are a couple of things I do not understand....” He took the words right out of my mouth, and added plenty I would never have thought of. His comments are truly scary — unless, of course, you’re a fascist. I have zero hope that the current administration will be curtailed in any of its activities, with or without Трамп/Pence; but even should I be proved wrong, the damage is done, for the current administration has reconfigured the federal courts, ensuring that the major global conglomerates will never lose, and that the rest of us will never win: Kate Harloe, “How Donald Trump Is Remaking the Federal Courts in His Own Image: The President’s Judicial Nominees Have Been Notably White, Male, and Conservative.,” Mother Jones, 9 November 2017. “White,” “Male,” and “Conservative” are not my main concerns. “On the take” is my main concern. Did you know that Supreme Court Justices are legally permitted to judge cases in which they have conflicts of interest? I didn’t. What little I knew. Gorsuch, as we all know, is the tool of Koch Industries. It was the Koch brothers who got him into office, through machinations that in any other country would be illegal. Charles Koch is the de facto President of the United States of America. Paul Singer is the de facto Secretary of State. Robert Mercer is the de facto Chief Justice. (By the way, why do we keep using the terms “Conservative” and “Liberal”? We have neither in this country. Those are terms from long ago and they don’t apply to any of us. Also by the way, please don’t get the idea that I’m anti-Russian. I’m not in the least. I just don’t care for their governments, any of their governments, and I feel for the Russians who have had to deal with over a millennium of this madness.)

Can we simply vote these ogres out of office? Not so likely. Alan Grayson sent out an intriguing mass email recently, which makes for sobering reading. (In brackets I corrected an obvious proofreading error.)

Subject: It’s rigged. But not the way you think.
From: Alan Grayson <alangrayson@graysonforcongress.com>
Date: Sun, Dec 03, 2017 1:15 pm

The system is rigged, because [just to break even,] Democrats need more votes than Republicans do.


In two of the last five Presidential elections, the Democrat won the popular vote, and lost the election. (In fact, the last time that any Presidential candidate, winner or loser, won more than 53% of the vote was in 1984.) The explanations for winning the popular vote and losing the electoral vote don’t end with the “butterfly ballot,” or “Pizzagate.”

What would happen if the Democratic and Republican Presidential candidates received exactly the same number of votes, nationwide? Very likely, the Republican would win.

The Cook Political Report’s “Partisan Voting Index” (PVI) measures how states and congressional districts vote differently from the nation as a whole, based on the last two Presidential elections. The “blue” states are “D+”; the “red” states are “R+”; the “purple” states are “even.” If a state has a “D+2” PVI, that means that if the vote in the country as a whole is tied, that state would favor the Democratic candidate by 52% to 48%.

Thanks to the GOP’s domination of small states, there are 27 R+ states, 20 D+ states, and three that are even. The R+ states give the Republicans 262 electoral votes, just eight short of a win, while the D+ states give the Democrats only 242 electoral votes. Among the three even states, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and New Hampshire, the Republican wins with either Pennsylvania or Wisconsin, while the Democrats have to win both Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Advantage: GOP.

In the Senate, the small states and the large states each have two votes. There is one Senator for every 300,000 Wyomingites, and one Senator for every 20,000,000 Californians. The fact that there are 27 R+ states and only 20 D+ states means that if the national votes are even, there would be something like 57 Republican Senators and only 43 Democratic Senators. The GOP’s advantage in the smaller states puts them close to a filibuster-proof majority, when the national vote is even. To get to a 50-50 Senate, the Democrats have to win nationwide by around six points.

Advantage: GOP.

In the House, gerrymandering gives the GOP a huge advantage. The GOP’s control of many state governments has allowed it to “pack” Democrats into a small number of Congressional districts, while spreading a solid majority of Republicans (usually 57% to 43%) in numerous districts. That’s why the Pennsylvania delegation, an “even” state, is 12-5 GOP, and the Michigan delegation, a “D+” state, is 9-5 GOP.

Nationwide, there are 238 R+ House seats, eight even seats, and only 189 D+ seats. (Republicans hold only eight D+ seats, and Democrats hold only nine R+ seats.)

218 seats make a majority. The Democrats would have to win every D+ seat; every even seat; every R+1, R+2, R+3 seat; and at least one R+4 or worse seat to win that majority.

Advantage: GOP.

So the system is, in fact, rigged against the Democrats. We need more votes than they do, just to break even. How can we possibly make that happen?


Only 22% of Hispanics are Republicans. But last year, only 48% of Hispanics voted.

Only 33% of voters under the age of 25 are Republicans. But last year, only 43% of those young voters voted.

We have to get more Democrats to vote. When Democrats vote, Democrats win.


Alan Grayson

Putting the Трамп story together is not easy. Трамп is an illiterate and often incoherent stooge being used by all manner of criminals. Let’s do just a tiny bit of shallow digging on the Internet. Hmmmm. We find some fascinating stories, don’t we?

Michael Lewis, “Why the Scariest Nuclear Threat May Be Coming from Inside the White House,” Vanity Fair, 26 July 2017. Don’t read this one just before going to sleep.
Michael Gross, “Inside Donald Trump’s One-Stop Parties: Attendees Recall Cocaine and Very Young Models,” The Daily Beast, 24 October 2016.
‘We All Knew About the Trafficking’ — The Untold Story of Trump Model Management (Part 1),” Daily Kos, 6 October 2016. (Unfortunately, there was never a Part 2.)
Carole Cadwalladr, “Robert Mercer: The Big Data Billionaire Waging War on Mainstream Media,” The Guardian, Sunday, 26 February 2017.
Jane Mayer, “The Reclusive Hedge-Fund Tycoon behind the Trump Presidency,” The New Yorker, 27 March 2017.

Compare and contrast the above two articles with the one below:

Steven Bertoni, “Exclusive Interview: How Jared Kushner Won Trump the White House,” Forbes, 22 November 2016.

There are not many countries in the world in which articles such as the above could ever see the light of day. We are lucky that we are living in one of the few that allows dissent, though only within officially permissible limits, limits set by corporate executives and their political-donation departments. Unfortunately, few people would pay any attention to such investigations, as they are more interested in staring endlessly at their Smartphones while ruining their hearing with ear buds. That is a deliberate strategy, you know. Once people are addicted to nonsense, they are neutralized. Anyway, with the proposed end of net neutrality, stories such as these will seldom be published anymore, anywhere.

Now, think again about Carole Cadwalladr’s article on Robert Mercer and Cambridge Analytica. It’s a marvelous article, but it only goes so far. There’s a deeper problem here.

Robert Epstein, “The New Mind Control,” Aeon, 18 February 2016.

Had you thought of that? Even if you hadn’t, I had. My website is purely a vanity project. I sell nothing here. I merely offer my scribblings as a free public service, to help others with their research, that’s all. I enjoy sharing my discoveries. Despite my modest ambition, I do have some top-notch research posted, if I do say so myself, far better than what anybody else has done. Much of it doesn’t even register on Google or the other search engines. That got me to thinking. How are sites rated? Why do lousy ones end up right at the top of page one, while the best ones are buried on page 792, if they make it at all? This is thought control, but that claim cannot be proved, as there is no paper trail. This thought control can be put to the most malevolent purposes, and yes, I admit, thanks to this thought control, I have often been fooled myself, and I’m sure I shall continue to be fooled.

Intertwined with this thought control is the technology that makes it possible. As I walk down the streets, travel in buses, and ride on commuter trains, I witness the new addiction. It is now rare to see somebody without buds in the ears and a Smartphone in the hand, with eyes affixed and finger scrolling. Where did this addiction come from? Why is this new toy so addicting?

With this new technology we feel perpetually connnected with the world at large. This interconnectedness is not interconnectedness. It is brainwashing. Our “friends” are not friends; they are letters on a screen. The ideas and opinions of these “friends” are naught more than regurgitations of propaganda, much of it planted by trolls. The advertisements and links are custom-selected for each of us, to persuade us of some “truth” that is anything but.

I Was a Paid Internet Shill,” Conscious Life News, 2012.

Let’s get back to Russia. This next one will scare you half to death:

Russ Baker, C. Collins, and Jonathan Z. Larsen, “Why FBI Can’t Tell All on Trump, Russia,” Who.What.Why., 27 March 2017.

So we are stuck with this. Investigations will do next to nothing. At best, investigations will produce only cosmetic results. The USA is definitively over.

Susan Grigsby, “God, Guns... and Russia?Daily Kos, 8 October 2017.

Does that puzzle you? The Russian Orthodox Church is not a monolith. There are schisms. The largest faction, though, is the FSB-approved incarnation. Russian Orthodox, though, in any incarnation, have no use for Evangelicals, and the reverse is true as well. The Russians and the Orthodox I have known are mostly white, yes, but they had no use for white supremacy. What has happened of late? I don’t understand. The Russian Orthodox Church in bed with Evangelical white supremacists and the NRA? Actually, when we dig, we discover that this sort of makes sense:

Do not expect this marriage of the Orthodox Church and the Evangelical right to end well. The divorce will be nasty, there will be clashes, they will be violent, and the rest of us will be collateral damage.

Now for one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen:

Then comes the article that contradicts the Russian story:

It gets worse:

If that’s true, then we have a Teflon Don, created in part by his adversaries. Great.

Of course, there is no solid proof of the Russian hacking of the US election. John Pilger, who bizarrely insists upon the “proof” of Clinton’s collusion with Saudi Arabia and Qatar to create and support ISIS, continues to emphasize the absence of any proof in the Трамп/Russia scandal. Others, mostly on the extreme right, do the same. There is no proof of the Clinton claim, nor is there even any good evidence. As a matter of fact, the cited evidence actually demonstrates the exact opposite! Pilger is correct, though, that we have no proof regarding Трамп’s collusion with Russia in tampering with the election. Nonetheless, we do have good evidence, and we also have circumstantial evidence. Let us examine the weakest of these three categories.

If you watch this directly on YouTube, you can see the work of the trolls and astroturfers in the comments underneath.

Because I have a suspicious mind, I am putting two and two together, and I don’t think my result is seven. The Trump administration is doing everything in its power to pit us all against one another: immigrant-native-black-white-and-whatnot. The Trump administration is doing everything in its power to allow anyone and everyone to purchase guns and automatic weapons for the asking. The Trump administration is doing everything in its power to eliminate safety and health laws. The Trump administration is doing everything in its power to slash or eliminate Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and probably retirement as well. My deeply suspicious mind detects a pattern here. My deeply suspicious mind concludes that the Trump administration wants this country to degenerate into a bloodbath. None of the above goals, of course, is anything new. These attempts have been continuous, and they shall continue even if the Trump administration magically vanishes in a puff of smoke tonight. Yet it’s all so blatant now, so terribly blatant, so terribly concentrated, so terribly focused.

Put it all together and you begin to wonder, don’t you? President.... President.... Forty percent approval rating.... 62,979,636 US citizens who support mob violence.... This means that the US will no longer be a superpower. This means that the US economy will collapse. Nobody’s going to weep for us. It’s tragic that some 300,000,000 innocent people will need to suffer for this.

No idea where this image came from. I cannot find an OldBetiku or betiku.com anywhere.


Take a look at this little video. (Sorry. I tried to embed the videos on this page, but that slowed everything down to a snail’s pace. So just click on the links.)

“ALL U.S. Presidents Except One Related to One British King,” BridgeAnne d’Avignon
When it disappears from YouTube, right-click and save-as here.
Has this tradition ended with the current “outsider” executive? I hardly think so.
Judy Kurtz, “Trump, Hillary Are Distant Relatives, Experts Say,” The Hill, 25 August 2015.

Is BridgeAnne d’Avignon’s research correct? I’d be surprised if it isn’t. If this were true of another country, we would call that country an oligarchy. Since this is our own country, we call ourselves a democracy. In a democracy, citizens fashion their own government policies. When is the last time you remember participating in the fashioning of your own government policies?

Now, don’t worry. I’m not one of these crazies who rants about how “the globalists” and the “Illuminati” are crushing our precious democracy by means of the CFR and whatnot. Yet I’m sure most people would classify me as one such crazy. Granted, there are more wacko ideas about how the world works than you or I would ever be able to tally. That phenomenon works to the advantage of propagandists. You see, in response to the crazies, many supposedly sober and responsible people (for instance, university history professors) tell us to disbelieve all ideas about how the world works, except, of course, for those issued from official channels. Oh how I loved it when those history professors argued, endlessly, that history can be written only by trained historians with Ph.D.’s, and that anyone else, including actual participants and eyewitnesses, should be dismissed out of hand. Rather than pay attention to our history professors, we should, instead, take heed of the old oft-cited anonymous saying, “Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.

To my surprise, I’ve discovered that these past two decades or so have seen the independent production of small videos that explain the basics. Hope you’re open to viewing and evaluating them. History and PolSci profs will dismiss all of this as gullibility and naïveté, and will argue that politicians are sincere in their desire to help us. That got a huge laugh in my US Diplomacy class way back in the autumn of 1980. That raucous reaction prompted the prof to convince us all that he was right and that we were wrong for being so cynical. It worked. He convinced us all. I’m ashamed that I too fell for his packs of lies. Most other people, I have learned, will angrily dismiss the below information out of hand and put it down to the ravings of the tin-foil-hat crowd. Meh.

Naomi Klein, “The Worst Is Yet to Come with Trump, So We Must Be Ready for Shock Politics,”
Democracy Now! 30 June 2017.
She’s my nominee for Person of the Century.
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Naomi Wolf, “The End of America,”
Kane Hall, University of Washington–Seattle, 11 October 2007.
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Here’s the other wonderful Naomi. She was justifiably worried that we were well on the road to dictatorship in 2007, or at least martial law. I had the exact same fear, and I was predicting martial law between the November 2008 election and the January 2009 inauguration. Thank heaven I was wrong! She wrote a marvelous book, The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot (White River Junction, Vermont: Chelsea Green Publishing, 2007), which I recommend in the strongest terms. Fortunately for us all, the pattern didn’t play out according to the script. Apparently the US is too large and too amorphous to close down so quickly. Despite voter suppression and rigging, Obama’s numbers so overwhelmed the scheming that he prevailed anyway. True, Obama was no angel, and his administration did little to reverse the Bush administration’s infrastructure, and actually made some of it much worse, but his administration was nonetheless a damper on the Crazies’ plans. Everything Naomi detailed in her book is still part of our current reality. She updated her work during the Obama years:

Naomi Wolf, “The End of America — Revisited,”
New Hampshire Liberty Forum.
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This talk is even better than the previous one. It’s cathartic for me to hear someone else express some of my own suspicions about shadow government and political theatre. Rather odd to see Naomi talking to libertarians, for she is certainly not a libertarian herself. Everybody that night was open to different ideas, though. This talk was given just before it became clear that Assange was a nutcase.

Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Consent,” National Film Board of Canada, 1992.
When right-wingers see and listen to Noam, what they see is an angry old grouch consumed with hatred.
That’s not what I see at all.
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The Truth about World War III,” Anonymous.
I don’t feel comfortable about linking to Anonymous, which seems to be pro-Trump, pro-fascist, and susceptible to unfounded conspiracy rumors, but this one particular vid seems, to me, to be right on the money, as it were. Maybe I’m wrong, as I so often am.
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Four Horsemen — Feature Documentary - Official Version,” Renegade, Inc..
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Koch Brothers EXPOSED,” Brave New Films.
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Psywar,” Metanoia.
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The War You Don’t See,” John Pilger.
I have my deep reservations about John Pilger, but some of his reporting is superlative.
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The Century of the Self,” Adam Curtis.
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The Power of Nightmares, Part One,” Adam Curtis.
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The Power of Nightmares, Part Two,” Adam Curtis.
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The Power of Nightmares, Part Three,” Adam Curtis.
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The War On Terror — Truth & Lies,” John Pilger.
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9/11,” Judy Wood.
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9/11 — The Anatomy of a Great Deception,” David Hooper.
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Immigrants for Sale,” Brave New Films.
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Iraq for Sale,” Brave New Films.
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The Vulture,” Democracy Now!
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CIA Analyst Discusses the Assassination of Edward Snowden,” WHDT 9.
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The Real Agenda of the American Empire,” Ray McGovern.
You can skip ahead to 46:04.
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The Secret History of the American Empire,” John Perkins.
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Oh this could go on and on and on. Thanks to the free use of the Internet, which I predict will soon be taken away from us, we now have access to mountains of information that previously would have been either entirely unobtainable or available but only with great difficulty, and only if we knew to look for it. Now, these past twenty years or so, much information is just a browser search and a click away. This still amazes me. It is a hopelessly unreal childhood fantasy made fact. There’s plenty more. Keep searching. Be careful, of course. Often what seems most credible is actually manufactured. The opposite is similarly the case, as what seems most incredible is sometimes true. It is impossible at first glance to tell the difference, and our college professors are paid to lead us astray. Be even more careful, because truth and propaganda get mixed, sometimes accidentally, sometimes intentionally. One of the videos above, and I won’t tell you which one, interviews an authority, whom I shall not name, who is actually a disinformation specialist, and in the video he provides data that are misleadingly fractional. One of my favorite journalists, who is in one of the videos above, has also willingly submitted to an interview, at least once, by Alex Jones, and surprisingly he didn’t seem to understand that he had just been used.

So what do we make of all this? Having witnessed the mainstream news media in action, I saw firsthand that news is their least concern. The concern is spin, which is what advertisers like. Perhaps I’m a cynic (I’ve been accused of being such), but even I was shocked by the mindless cynicism of many journalists who just took it as read that anyone and everyone they were interviewing had an ulterior motive, had an angle, and was trying to peddle something. The thought that maybe some of their interviewees might simply have been telling the truth never occurred to them. That’s the sort of cynicism that nullified any value in reporting. When we add all this together, the only reasonable conclusion we can draw is that the news media are designed only to misreport and to make money.

As for our oligarchy, my conclusion, which is open to modification should better information be forthcoming, is that nearly all politicians in the UK and US and probably some other countries too are billionaire members of the same extended family who all belong to the same secretive clubs and lodges, and who are all in bed with the world’s financial interests as well as with various international criminal syndicates. Read Jeff Sharlet’s book, The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power, and if that doesn’t ruin your sleep, nothing will. It might interest you to take a look at this emblem. Then if you notice a similarity with this other emblem that just proves you have a suspicious mind, that’s all.

Currently Arizona just has just suppressed a vote. This is nothing new. This has been going on since before I was born. My conclusion, which is not so open to modification, is that our supposedly free elections just give us the choice of which member of this élite family we wish to have as our country’s hood ornament. Further, our choice doesn’t matter. If, despite voter suppression and police blockades preventing people of darker complexions from reaching their polling places, the vote still goes against the wishes of the financial interests, they’ll change it. All elections in the US are driven by campaign contributions, which in any other country would be called bribes. “Liberal” and “conservative” administrations alike commit war crimes and kidnap refugees to fly them back to their executioners. Flagrant warmongers and human-rights violators Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama were given Nobel Peace Prizes, in consequence of which all other Laureates should (but don’t) return their awards. Hollywood entertainment consistently makes the point that the indigenous peoples of the US are white Europeans. (The rare exceptions do little or nothing to illustrate the truth, but provide yet another comforting fantasy.) Hollywood has further conditioned us to worship the rich. Our heroes and idols are movie stars and sports stars and rock stars and TV stars who earn more in a month than any of the rest of us will earn in a lifetime. In that irreal milieu, such TV shows as Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous were hits, convincing us that we shall soon have our day too. That’s totally delusional. We shall not have our day, ever, and we shall never be allowed to. The billionaires grab up all the money without putting it back into the economy, driving us all into poverty and debt, and we celebrate them for it. We love them for it. We worship them for it. The billionaires then convince us that our money troubles are all the fault of refugees or welfare recipients or illegal immigrants (we are the illegal immigrants, not the Méxicans and American Indians we are arresting and deporting) or Muslims or Commies or environmentalists or whomever, and that in response we must go to war against country after country after country to rid the world of such terrorists as ISIL which was largely a US creation to begin with. It should come as no surprise that assaults are now becoming commonplace at presidential spectacles, with the victims being arrested while the perpetrators are cheered.

People generally mock me when I say that indigenous peoples such as the American Indians had what were, despite their innumerable faults, societies that were superior to ours, in large part because nobody surrendered decision-making duties to leaders and also in large part because everybody participated in every aspect of life. People mock me even more when I further conclude that civilization is the root cause of all our ills. Thanks to civilization and its sibling, industrialism, we are nearly out of fossil fuels, nearly all the world’s water has been poisoned, and industry-induced climate shift is causing crops to fail. If by some miracle we are not extinct by the year 2050, then the few survivors will not have any of the luxuries we take for granted. Without industrialized farming, there won’t be enough food to go around to feed even a hundredth of us. Central heating, thermostats, refrigeration, long-distance transport of food, household electricity, automobiles, airplanes — kiss them all goodbye. Water filtration? Gone. Running water from our faucets? A thing of the past. Flush toilets? It will be absurd to think such things could ever have existed. Our leaders (owners, really) know that we’d start a revolution if deprived of gas, oil, and electricity. To prevent that, they give us gas, oil, and electricity, no matter what the consequences. The price to them is reasonable: We’re all going to die of thirst and starvation — very soon. Without water and food, we cannot stage a revolution. That’s a much preferable result, they think. I like what I heard John Trudell say one evening to an audience mostly of whites: “You’re the new Indians! They don’t need you anymore!” He was right. Before that time comes, though, we can look forward to the next two wars, which we shall lose: “A World War Has Begun.” It will be interesting (interesting?) to see how many intelligent and educated people fall for the upcoming “news” stories about the new evil empires. Will there be another incident? Probably.

Solution to these world probs? Well, it’s not something that one can do on one’s own. It would take a massive group effort: Get off the monetary system. There’s no such thing as “clean money.” Let’s just abandon the stuff altogether. It would take millions of us acting in concert, though, to do that.

I wanted to add a few more videos to the above collection. For instance, about ten years ago a Gore Vidal fan sent me a video by Bill Still called The Money Masters. I’m not an economist, but what I saw seemed well-argued and accurate, and I was deeply impressed. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I never in a hundred lifetimes would have expected to see what I just saw or to hear what I just heard coming from Bill Still’s mouth. You see, he supports Alex Jones and Donald Trump. Say what???? So that settles it. Everything Bill Still said was wrong. That further proves how naïve I am. I fell for this stupid video. I bet lots of people would laugh at my stupidity, because they saw this coming from miles away. As I sift through his web site and sample the comments from his followers, I get the chills. I bumped into another video, too, that seemed exceptionally promising, about the way the mass media manipulate not only our opinions, but our minds, our tastes, our consciences, about how the mass media are reshaping us into being something no longer quite human. Intelligent, perceptive, engrossing. I was quite excited when I started watching it. It was a genuine discovery. Then, just a few minutes in, it condemned homosexuality as a perversion that results from this media conditioning. What? Are these people totally insane? Yes, they are.

Getting back to our oligarchy, our extended international royal family, there are admittedly a few nice members of it. I met and interviewed one, a rather famous one, who had no love of the status quo and wished to see it all burn to the ground, though he didn’t exactly say so. Instead of propping up the guys in power, he was the spokesperson for those most in need and he quite secretly and anonymously donated to progressive charities, though he mysteriously chose never to make friends with those in need, those at the bottom of the pyramid. (I suppose he was just too painfully shy and awkward and frightened and fragile to endure the thought of socializing in unfamiliar circles.) At the time I didn’t completely understand why he was so emotionally unstable and why he was an alcoholic. Now I know. Any sensitive person growing up in that horrid milieu would inevitably become emotionally unstable. Those who thrive in that milieu — the Cheneys and Clintons and Bushes and Obamas and Carters and so forth — are such disturbed people with such deformed minds that they can be considered human only physically. Perhaps they are simply so inbred that their brains atrophied in the womb. Some of them (G.W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Tony Blair, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, for instance) certainly look retarded and even maniacal, though I’m in no position to determine if they actually are. No matter; they are unquestionably bizarre and devoid of the most elemental human sympathies. Why does nobody state the obvious? (Sanders looks human, but don’t be fooled. Click here for a good evaluation.) If these people were not famous or politically connected, and if they wandered into a meeting, we would gently escort them out of the room and then secure the door shut. Yet because they are famous and politically connected, we take them seriously and accept that they can be our leaders and make our decisions for us. Why?

There’s some guy on YouTube who calls himself “Reich-Wing Watch” and who styles himself a libertarian-socialist. I assume that means he basically agrees with Noam Chomsky. He has done some nice videos, and I hope he continues to do so. He opens by hosting a commercial created by someone/s called “Citizens SuperPAC”:

Heil Trump: A Warning to America
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Hillary Clinton: Republican for President
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Donald Trump: Make America Hate Again
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Donald Trump’s AmeriKKKa: His Craziest, Most Racist Supporters
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Comedy writers and satyrists, here’s your material.
How many you could invent such a rich lode of surrealism?

Alex Jones and the Rise of the Fourth Reich
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When I first saw this guy on the Internet, years ago, I was confused. He looked mad as a hatter, and he acted mad as a hatter, and yet once in a blue moon some of his reporting was exemplary. I purchased a few of his videos, and, to my surprise, they were good. Something was wrong, though. The majority of his reporting, as I witnessed on the Internet, was just the psychotic ravings of a madman, with perhaps his most egregiously offensive “scoop” being that the Newtown shooting was a hoax. Something was up, but what? Now I pretty much know. I now further know that one no longer need break in via the mainstream in order to get a cult following. To get a cult following, all one need do is purchase a web domain, build a little video studio, and rant like a madman. Credibility is greatly enhanced if the ranting madman can induce respectable journalists (Greg Palast, for instance) to be interviewed on his show. Many respectable journalists will do so, because they haven’t seen the ranting madman’s show and so they just innocently assume that one interview is as good as another. Wrong! Oh, one point I should make: Fifteen years ago or so, Jones occasionally made reasonable comments. Then, suddenly, he gave that up and aligned himself with the worst extremists. Apparently, he found somebody who pays better. My question: Who? I should point out something else as well. Many of us have legitimate concerns that some of the news stories that trickle down to us are not reliable, and are in fact propaganda. I have seen a little behind-the-scenes among journalists, and I have learned not to trust their reporting. I have also dabbled in local history, and the process of investigating those old newspaper stories will cause anybody’s opinion of journalism to take a nosedive. So that you can all see clearly what a deluded maniac I am, I confess: I do not believe the official reports about the incident at the Gulf of Tonkin (see Lieutenant Commander Pat Paterson, “The Truth About Tonkin,” Naval History Magazine vol. 22 no. 1, February 2008). Speaking for myself, I am not convinced that 9/11 was the work of 19 Saudis with boxcutters, I am not convinced that bin Laden had anything to do with it, and I am not convinced that the Navy SEALS assassinated bin Laden. To me that all sounds like a fairy tale that contradicts the evidence. As we have learned from the declassification of NSA files, the JFK-assassination conspiracy theorists were basically correct (see Lamar Waldron, Legacy of Secrecy). Many of us are convinced that ofttimes news stories are distorted, suppressed, selectively used, and even sometimes invented out of whole cloth — especially when we find that we ourselves have become the news. The misreporting is mind-boggling, and it cannot be explained away as the innocent result of tight deadlines or partial information; it is intentional, with malice aforethought. Many of us are convinced that gerrymandering and voter suppression result in unfair elections. Many of us are convinced that corporations, especially after having set up the World Trade Organization, can and do overrule national laws. Many of us are convinced that banks have more power than governments. Many of us are convinced that wars are declared and conducted not to liberate the oppressed, but to steal resources and to enrich bankers and weapons manufacturers. Many of us are convinced that the US is actively engaged in destabilizing other governments, some of them democratically elected. Many of us are convinced that multibillionaires and oligarchs are pulling strings behind the scenes, resulting in what is effectively a shadow government. Many of us are convinced that organized crime has a disproportionately large influence in government affairs, and that, indeed, many politicians act no differently than gangsters. Many of us are convinced that Jeff Sharlet’s terrifying book, The Family, is essentially correct. In my opinion, these are legitimate concerns, based on credible documentation. Then Alex Jones comes along and coöpts these concerns, spinning them wildly out of control, making himself, in the process, one of the most obnoxious public figures in the entire US. When Jones coöpts our legitimate suspicions, we find ourselves smeared by association, and our credibility destroyed. When people enunciate their legitimate concerns, they come across as naught other than just more Jones-crazies. Very clever. Very clever. Very clever indeed. That’s an ingenious way to shut down investigations, to relegate well-founded suspicions to the outermost fringes. That is why I suspect that Jones is not a lone wolf. I think he has owners. I wish I knew who they were. I don’t think it’s the Mercers. I don’t think it’s the Kochs. It’s most likely somebody else. Who?

Back when I lived in Western New York, I had the occasional encounter with the police. Occasional. Like at least once a month. There was one encounter in particular that convinced me to leave that part of the country forever. That particular encounter showed me something. It showed me that the police, in addition to being merciless and violent thugs with an intelligence somewhat akin to that of a slime mold, also have a peculiar interest in small children, a very disturbing interest in small children. That got me to wonder about something.

When YouTube deletes this, download it.

A few days ago I received an email from Ocean Recovery in the UK, which requested that I add a graphic to this page. I hereby do so. It deals with the “War on Drugs,” which, I hope most of us have figured out by now, is anything but a war on drugs. Pretty interesting, and, as far as I can determine, pretty accurate. The police I encountered seemed also to have a most peculiar interest in this topic as well — a most pecular interest, or perhaps obsession would be a better word. As the police were priding themselves on doing a superlative psychoanalysis of me, I realized quite clearly that they were actually describing themselves.

Oh. I mentioned above that there are countless wacko ideas. Yes. Remember how the hippie movement got started circa 1967? It was the work, I’m sure, of the FBI’s Cointelpro, and it was done to discredit the antiwar movement. The shrinks at the FBI correctly gauged that youngsters would be swept away by the example their agents set with long hair and beads and a recently banned common backyard weed and a defiantly proud inarticulateness. It worked wonders. The hippies coöpted the antiwar movement and thereby inadvertently discredited it. Exactly according to plan. (No, I have no proof of this, but it’s all so bloody obvious, isn’t it?) Similarly, I’m convinced that many or most of the current-day wackos are government operatives who wish to tarnish all the rest of us with their broad brush. No, despite what the wackos say, our politicians are not reptiles in disguise (though I admit that the idea is poetically apt). Yes, industry-induced climate shift is real and not a Chinese hoax. (Will that myth be used as an excuse for a war?) No, the Méxicans are not taking over the US; no, the “Globalists” (a euphemism for “Jews”) are not controlling the world, secretly or otherwise; no, the UK is not bent upon global domination; no, there is no morgue of extraterrestrials in Roswell. When the rest of us simply point out corruption and deception, we are pigeon-holed together with this other nonsense and that is why we are branded lunatics. Well, like, hey, you know.

Speaking of reptiles, of course, leads us to this monstrous research:

Cloned Human Embryos As Well As Animal Human Hybrids?,” Sky News.
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The implications are staggering. We’re in trouble.