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Order and Sex Discipline

(a.k.a. Ordine e disciplino / Order and Discipline, 1972)


History of Italy


Neither movie was made. Here are the references:

Variety (29 March 1972, p. 44):

Tinto Brass produces and directs “Order and Sex Discipline” with Macha Meril next month.

Variety (5 April 1972, p. 30):

Tinto Brass is prepping “Order and Sex Discipline” for an early start with Macha Meril.

Variety (26 April 1972, p. 26):

Macha Meril is coproducer and lead (partnering with director Tinto Brass) of “Order and Sex Discipline.”

Variety (3 May 1972, p. 90):

GIOVANNI TINTO BRASS — Stirred controversy at Venice fest last year with “The Vacation” (Vanessa Redgrave, Franco Nero). He has another personal film up his sleeve, “Order and Sex Discipline” to prove that authoritarians are most often perverts. Should evoke more howls from the Right. Italnoleggio is backer and distrib. A second project, “History of Italy,” is a myth-demolishing satire.

Well, that’s all I know. What do you know?

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