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Do you still have the tapes?
Is there a TIME LIFE logo at the end?
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The Big Strip !

uptight9.”.Mama Oliver.eastwest
{the Shantel Remixes}
45rpm vinyl

When I saw an ad for this Austrian album on the Internet, I felt sure it was a misprint, but I ordered it all the same and discovered that, no, it was not a misprint. Brass disclaims any knowledge of this album, and so maybe the credits are fake?


uptight9.12".Mama Oliver.eastwest
{the Shantel Remixes}

All tracks written by Kühlwein / Weber
Spliced and Sliced by Shantel
Guest vocals on one and two Andrea Palladio
Mastered by the Essay Recorders at Toolhouse Towers
Afrocheques coordination Stephen Galloway
Special Thanks Dan Haaksman
uptight contact + 431 - tel 581 0206 fax 581 0209
covered by OKA [karlantonrichardtheodorantonkarl]
distributed by soul seduction Vienna +431 - tel 533 7617 fax 533 7618
® 1996 by Reverso Musikproduktionsges.m.b.H
© 1996 by Reverso Musikproduktionsges.m.b.H
Distributed by the local BMG company
a Unit of BMG Entertainment
GiG Records LC 8762

one. east west et moi

engineered by Marcus Darius at Babylon Central

two. the big strip !

engineered by Tinto Brass at Burlesque Music

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