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Pranzo di famiglia

(Family Lunch, 1973/1976/1986)

This was probably the first stage play that Brass directed. As far as we know it was never filmed or videotaped, and we know essentially nothing else about it, apart from what Brass said in an interview given to Iain F. McAsh (Films on Screen and Video 5, no. 2, February 1985, pp. 22–23): “It is very difficult to make films in Italy today. There are many problems, finding the finance. It is easier to direct on the stage where less money is required. I have done two stage plays in recent years. One was called Family Lunch, which was grotesque, about the relationship where they begin eating each other rather than food. The other, The Man of Sand, was also off-beat.” A 1976 revival, with the same cast and director, was broadcast on the radio:

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PrixItalia from 1960 to 1969

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A BRIEF PLOT SYNOPSIS AT A SPANISH SITE THAT NO LONGER EXISTS, BUT THAT I JUST DISCOVERED I HAD SAVED ON DISC ONCE UPON A TIME: FundAteneoFestival formerly at http://www.fundateneofestival.com/fit73-97/cuerpo/historia/03_76/1976/italia1cooperativa.htm. If you own the copyright, or if you know who does, please write to me. Thanks!

Francesco Verdinelli’s résumé
Roberta Lerici’s résumé
La Compagnia Teatro Belli
Corpo del Teatro Belli... Roberto Lerici

Catalogo Serarcangeli “Teatro italiano contemporaneo”

This play was revived again, in New York City, in 1986.

Incidentally, stage actor and director Antonio Salines, who acted in this production, in the 1990s became a Brass regular. He has also collaborated with Roberto Lerici on other projects.

Pranzo di famiglia

Written by Roberto Lerici
Directed by Tinto Brass
Music Francesco Verdinelli
??? Antonio Salines
??? Felipe Le Veratto
??? Giovanne Buffalini
??? Libero Sansavini
??? Magda Mercatali
??? Maurizio Romoli
??? Raffaella Rossi Panichi
La figlia Loredana Martinez
??? Silvio Fiore

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