Did you happen to record Monty Python’s Flying Circus
when it was shown on PBS back in the 1970s?
Do you still have the tapes?
Is there a TIME LIFE logo at the end?
If so, please write to me. Thank you!

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In 1974, when L’urlo was finally cleared and released to critical accolades, Brass began negotiations to collaborate with L’urlo’s star, Gigi Proietti, on a film called Punch, which was based on the Punch-and-Judy shows. This never got off the ground. But in 1976 Proietti appeared in a gigantic theatre for a one-man show called A me gli occhi, written by Brass’s frequent collaborator Roberto Lerici. Fortunately some producer was foresighted enough to film the event, and a friend of mine taped it when it played on Italian television. He sent me the tape, and my jaw dropped toward the end of the program when I saw Proietti put on puppet-like make-up, squeeze into a Punch-and-Judy stage, and do a solo show as Punch.

Here is the reference:

Variety, 28 August 1974, p. 30:

Luigi Proietti is set for male lead in “Punch” — marking re-emergence of helmer Giovanni Tinto Brass.

There’s more beginning in 1977, when Brass tried to revive this project with Malcolm McDowell in the lead.

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