Did you happen to record Monty Python’s Flying Circus
when it was shown on PBS back in the 1970s?
Do you still have the tapes?
Is there a TIME LIFE logo at the end?
If so, please write to me. Thank you!

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All I know is this:

See also:
Gigliola Faenza Magnani Filmography, BFI
Champagne, Film Details, BFI, which adds extra actresses: Lea Massari and Marianne Comtell, as well as a one-shot production house: Coop. Città Aperta.

Here’s a little something about the director, Gigliola Faenza Magnani:
Anna Magnani: un libro ‘dal vero’ firmato Gigliola Faenza,” Agi, Tuesday, 11 June 1996.

I presume this movie was never made. That makes the following news story rather interesting, though. Corriere della Sera of 13 September 1984:

If you’re in the mood to add a little more confusion, according to a different newspaper, Gigliola Faenza’s firm was called Champagne for Two. See Maria R. Calderoni, “Voglio far l’americano ora mi faccio la Cadillac,” L’Unità, Thursday, 3 January 1988, p. 9, cols. 6–7. Ah!

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