Did you happen to record Monty Python’s Flying Circus
when it was shown on PBS back in the 1970s?
Do you still have the tapes?
Is there a TIME LIFE logo at the end?
If so, please write to me. Thank you!

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Reggiseno Infiore


Photographs copyright © 1994 F. Marchesi
Reproduced without permission.
Gentile Sig. Marchesi, per favore, scrivami. Grazie!

When it came time for the folks at Infiore to make a TV commercial for their line of women’s underwear, they chose to star Monica Belucci as an office worker. Well, who better to play the part of the floor manager? You can look at a little clip here: http://www.my-monica.com/Video/InfioreBrasCommercial.avi. If you have trouble viewing it online, right-click on the link and choose “Save Link As...” Quite interesting. Apparently this commercial was inextricably tied to the program, as we can see that Monica Belucci was on the same set in the same costume. Nice little joke. Does anyone happen to have the entire program, or even the entire commercial? If so, please write to me. Many thanks! I’ve been looking for a copy for ages. Directed by Alessandro D’Alatri.

The above might even be complete, but it doesn’t contain even a frame of the host program.

Go to YouTube and download this before it disappears. What a strange, strange, strange attitude this little spot evidences. Incomprehensible.

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